Anybulk is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the bulk editing, to make multiple changes in your contents at the same time.

With Anybulk you can run specific action in specific posts at certain time.

  • You will have full control of which content to update in bulk thanks to the advanced Filter,
  • The changes that you want to execute,
  • The exact time of when you want to update them with recurring task option


  • You can automatically increase and decrease the price of certain products every year one week before the Black Friday,
  • You can add/remove/update a shortcode in certain contents,
  • You can search and replace with smart tag and regular expression in your content with a preview of the changes before running them
  • You can update the published or modified date every certain date
  • You can change the template of your pages with a simple click.
  • You can search for specific contents with a low Yoast SEO score and export them in CSV.

These are the only examples of how powerful Anybulk is.

Anybulk is a new way to perform bulk actions on different contents. Thanks to the atomic system (Filter, Action & Task) you can reuse all the components all the times that you want.

Anybulk allow you not only to update all the posts that you want but also it will make sure that your server is never reaching a certain amount of resources to avoid downtime or break functionality.

The Task run in the background, which means you can close your computer and take a coffee while Anybulk will take care of your bulk edits.

Anybulk is a simple but powerful plugin that allows you to have full control of your bulk updates. Anybulk is designed to be used by everyone from developers, SEO specialists, copywriters, CRO, small and big business.

The main benefits are:

  • Easy and Powerful Search with multiple rules,
  • Preview the changes before running them,
  • Export the Filter results data to CSV,
  • Advanced Search & Replace with regex and dry run,
  • Run tasks at certain date-time,
  • Make recurrent tasks,
  • View activity logs in real-time,
  • Slack and Email notifications.


Anybulk is in development (alpha version), but if you like the idea and you want to reserve your exclusive access to our upcoming private beta launch and live demo subscribe to the newsletter. We would greatly appreciate your interest.

Anybulk, It’s an All-in-One plugin and the editing options available depend on which plugins or feature you use, so no extra plugins. Hurrah!

Anybulk doesn’t offer a trial of the plugin, but we offer a live demo where you can test all the functionality. Subscribe to our newsletter to reserve your exclusive access.

A way to edit more than one thing in your contents at the same time. Using bulk editing helps you save time by simultaneously updating multiple posts/pages/contents in one task or across multiple tasks.

Anybulk offers various tools and features to help you make bulk edits to your contents. The editing options available depend on which tool or feature that you use.

Plugins Compatibility

Yes, if you have Yoast enabled, you’ll be able to search your contents by:

  • SEO Score,
  • SEO Title,
  • SEO Description,
  • Canonical URL

Yes, if you have enabled WPML you’ll be able to filter your content per languages, like:

  • Exclude language,
  • Include language,
  • All languages.

Yes, WooCommerce is fully compatible. You will be able to search for all your products with all the fields that WooCommerce offer you. You’ll be able to bulk update all the fields with multiple actions.

Anybulk is compatible with all the page builders plugins. You’ll be able to add/remove the shortcodes on a specific part of your content, replace some component and much more.


Yes, you’ll be able to customize your Filter fields with a really simple piece of code. You can hide, update or add your own custom Filters.

We are working on the API, we may need your help! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know. Thanks!

You’ll be able to create all the action that you want and integrate them easily into Anybulk. You’ll have a different type of data that will guarantee the full control of your custom Action.

For example, you can:

  • Create an action that will purge a specific cache every certain time,
  • Create an action that will make a specific request to a specific endpoint,
  • Create an action that will add some content in the day and remove it in the evening

You can basically create all the action that you want.

We are working on the API and we may need your help! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know. Thanks!

Yes, we are working really hard to make it as simple as possible. We may need your help! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know. Thanks!


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