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Our mission is to be one of the world's innovative and best performing bulk edits contents for WordPress.

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What is Anybulk?

Anybulk is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the bulk editing, to make multiple changes in your contents at the same time.

Anybulk, It’s an All-in-One plugin and the editing options available depend on which plugins or feature you use, so no extra plugins.

Anybulk is designed to be used by everyone from developers, SEO specialists, and copywriters, CRO, and small business.

Why We Are Building it?

Anybulk was born because me, as web professionals, needed such a tool.

Every redesign, e-commerce, sites built with Page Builders, brought new frustrations. Every time that I had to do a bulk edits, even if was a minor change, had to be done manually, with lots of coding and sometimes guesswork.

The passion for WordPress and automation drove me to do tons of research so that Anybulk can offer you the most advanced bulk edits for WordPress ever made.

I sought to improve every step of the bulk editing, and that’s exactly what I did.

  • Easy and Powerful Search with multiple rules,
  • Preview the changes before running them,
  • Export the Filter results data to CSV,
  • Advanced Search & Replace with regex and dry run,
  • Schedule and run bulk updates and recurring tasks,
  • View activity logs in real-time,
  • Slack and Email notifications.


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About me


Calogero Guagenti, WordPress developer since 2008. Live in London, the United Kingdom.

Although my main expertise is web development, I also have experience with automation software, SEO, computer vision, 3D, etc..

Do you have any questions?

Check the frequently asked questions page.

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