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Automate your multiple updates. No spreadsheet or import/export needed.

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Are bulk WordPress updates giving you headaches?

Whether you are a professional developer or working on your own company’s website, this can have real impacts on your business.

  • Project Delays and Missed Deadlines
  • Frustrated Team Members
  • Dissatisfied Clients and Customers

A Better Way to Handle Your Bulk Edits

Anybulk is designed to automate bulk edits in WordPress to make the entire process safer, faster and more organized.

Search Efficiently

Find what you are looking for, preview the results and export data to CSV.

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Customize Changes

Select the changes you want to run and let Anybulk handle the rest.

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Schedule Tasks

Decide when to run the edits asap or in specific date-time. It’s that easy.

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Key Features and Capabilities

Anybulk relies on three key components to run bulk updates: Filter, Action, and Task.


Search for all content that uses a specific template or shortcode, all content that features products with a specific price or even all content that meets a particular Yoast SEO score threshold.

  • Filter your search via multiple rules

  • Preview the results

  • Export the custom data to CSV


Select the specific action types you want to run, customize it to meet your particular needs, preview the changes and save the custom action.

You can search and replace via Smart Tags/dynamic replacement, add/update/remove shortcode, images, links, custom fields and much, much more.

  • Create your own Action

  • Advanced customisations

  • Preview changes


Create the Task and attach the Filter and Actions that you want. This feature allows you to run bulk updates in the background in your server.

For example, if you want to add an annual discount to certain products one week before Black Friday, you can create a task to run the initial sale and a second task to restore the prices afterwards.

  • Schedule/Recurring Tasks

  • Real time activity logs

  • Notifications

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